Tieback and Crane swing Agreements

With all the condominium and construction developments going on in the Greater Toronto Area, neighbouring property owners are often approached by the developer who wants to enter into a tieback and crane swing agreement with them. These types of agreements give permission to the developer to drill under a neighbouring property in order to install […]

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The Pandemic’s Effect On Employers, Employees, Landlords & Tenants

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on many industries, companies and employees. Initially, the government shutdown impacted many industries unless they were considered essential services. This resulted in many companies being unable to carry on their normal business.  Many had to close entirely.  It was not known whether the closures would be temporary, […]

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Wrongful Dismissal Settlement

Fired Durham employee Joel Nicholson has reached a settlement with the region for his wrongful dismissal over an innocent mistake in the way he collected back rent from social housing tenants. Nicholson, who was seeking about $3.2 million in damages, couldn’t comment on the terms of the confidential agreement, reached almost two years after his […]

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