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With all the condominium and construction developments going on in the Greater Toronto Area (and beyond), neighbouring property owners are often approached by a developer who wants to enter into a “Tieback and Crane Swing Agreement” with them, also known as a Construction License Agreement. These types of agreements give permission to the developer to drill under a neighbouring property in order to install tiebacks or shotcrete nail anchors into a neighbouring property. This method benefits the developer because they can construct the foundation of their development cheaper and faster this way. In addition, the developer may ask for permission to operate a crane swing above the neighbouring properties. However, before you agree to anything, you should contact Crangle for a free consultation. Crangle has negotiated many of these agreements with developers, and he will protect your interests.

Neighbouring property owners should not simply grant permission to the developer without getting something in return. Depending on the circumstances, the neighbouring property owner should be financially compensated in exchange for granting the developer these rights. The neighbouring property owner should also have other protections in place in order to minimize the risk that their property may be damaged in the process. These types of agreements can be long and very detailed.

Crangle has represented neighbouring property owners in negotiations with developers to ensure that they are properly financially compensated and protected if they choose to enter into one of these types of agreements.

For a free consultation, contact Crangle. To avoid upfront legal fees, Crangle may consider providing legal services on a contingency basis, so if he cannot negotiate a better deal with the developer, you do not pay.

Underpinning Easement


I have used Aaron Crangle’s legal services for over ten years. He has done excellent work in the areas of litigation, as well as employment law for me personally and my companies. He answers all of my questions with thoughtfulness about how it will impact me and my employees. One thing that stands out for me is how accessible Mr. Crangle is. He either answers his phone or gets back to me quickly. This responsiveness has saved me many hours of stress!

Dr. A – Dentist, owner of dental clinics

Crangle obtained an incredible settlement for me, and it happened much faster than I expected. I highly recommend him.

Graeme, business owner

Crangle fought hard and got me a great settlement. I am so thankful forall the work he did for me

Jeff H

About Aaron Crangle

Mr. Aaron Crangle has been a member of the Ontario Bar since 2000. He has been practising in all areas of corporate law and litigation. Extensive experience in employment law, civil litigation, personal injury, contract, collections, human rights, regulatory, tribunals, transportation law, labour, etc.

Successfully argued in the Court of Appeal and all levels of Superior Court. Repeat panelist at the Ontario Bar Association.

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