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Transportation Law

Trucking, transportation and logistics have their own unique legal issues and terminology. In today’s world of intermodal and international delivery of goods, you need a lawyer that knows the applicable law and terminology.

Crangle represents international and domestic interests involved in the transportation, supply chain and distribution of goods in litigation, regulatory and contractual matters. Providing advice to shippers, receivers, carriers, logistics providers (supply chain and “fulfillment” providers, freight forwarders, load brokers, customs brokers and warehousemen) and their insurers on their legal interest and exposure in the international, cross-border and domestic carriage of goods by all modes of carriage.

Crangle has been a member of the Canadian Transportation Lawyers Association (CTLA) and attended an American transportation conference.

Employment Law

Crangle is an experienced lawyer that has represented numerous transportation companies in their employment matter. As an employer, you need to make sure that your Employment Contracts are up to date and enforceable. Employment Contracts that were once enforceable may not be enforceable now because the law has evolved, which is why an employer needs to periodically update its employment contracts. Even large companies often have outdated and unenforceable employment contracts. This puts the company at risk to having to pay larger severance packages than it expected.

With respect to employee performance issues, a company should document performance issues by providing warning letters that clearly set out the issues and what needs to be improved upon, failing which the company may discipline the employee up to and including termination. Unless it is a serious transgression, employers are expected to provide at least several warning letters before it has grounds to terminate an employee for just cause. Failure to do so could prejudice the company in the future. Employers need to know how to protect themselves against discrimination claims. Crangle can help to minimize an Employer’s legal exposure.

Human rights complaints are also an emerging area in the transportation industry. Whether it is defending a human rights complaint or advising the company how to put best practices in place to avoid a complaint, Crangle provide invaluable support to the company.

Call or email for a free consultation to find out if you have a legal case, and if so, how much you may be entitled to. Contingency fee arrangements may be available in appropriate cases so that you do not have to worry about paying legal fees to your lawyer.

Defending Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Cases

Crangle has defended large transport companies involved in serious motor vehicle accident cases that resulted in injuries. Many trucking companies have high insurance deductibles, which means that the trucking company has to hire its own lawyer to defend the case. The insurance policy only kicks in if the damages are above a certain amount. Crangle will provide a skilled and vigorous defence on behalf of the company. Crangle will report to the company and insurer to give an opinion about the evidence that has come out in the case, what steps are involved in the litigation process, and how much reserve the company should expect to set-aside in the event that there is any finding of fault against the company.

Crangle has travelled throughout Ontario for cases. Defending motor vehicle accident cases typically take at least a few years or more depending on the seriousness of the injuries involved. The trucking company needs to preserve the driver’s log book who was involved in the accident, as well as onboard video and notes made from any internal investigation or witness. Crangle will guide the company through this process with an view to achieve the best result possible.


Litigation refers to any type of lawsuit or adversarial process. There are innumerable reasons why a company in the transportation industry might find itself in litigation. It is an unavoidable consequence of doing business sometimes. Transportation and logistics companies are no different from others in that they may all have employment law issues, contract issues, partnership issues, human rights issues, intellectual property issues, employee theft, improper solicitation of customers, breach of non-competition clauses, etc. Crangle practices in all areas of commercial litigation. You should not have to go to a different lawyer or law firm for each legal issue you or your company may have. An experienced litigation lawyer should be able to do it all. In fact there is a real benefit to having a lawyer that practices in all areas of commercial litigation. The more areas that a lawyer has knowledge of and been exposed to, the greater he will understand the issues facing the business. Having a broad base of experience in global understanding of business in litigation is a huge benefit to a client. Legal issues can often be interrelated and require both broad and specific knowledge.

Companies have trusted Crangle to handle their most highly complex commercial litigation, such as obtaining injunctions to prevent a competitor or departed employee from improperly stealing clients, to a variety of less complex legal matters. Whatever the problem is, Crangle has the knowledge and experience to help you obtain the desired result. Providing value to the client is also something that Crangle takes pride in. You will not be billed for a bunch of junior lawyers, articling students and paralegals that have been working on your case without your knowledge. You will always be informed about what needs to be done in the case, how we are going to get there, and what the expected timeline is. Communicating clearly with the client is just as important to Crangle as communicating clearly to a judge.

Call or email for a free consultation to find out if you have a legal case, and if so, how much you may be entitled to. Contingency fee arrangements may be available in appropriate cases so that you do not have to worry about paying legal fees to your lawyer.


I have used Aaron Crangle’s legal services for over ten years. He has done excellent work in the areas of litigation, as well as employment law for me personally and my companies. He answers all of my questions with thoughtfulness about how it will impact me and my employees. One thing that stands out for me is how accessible Mr. Crangle is. He either answers his phone or gets back to me quickly. This responsiveness has saved me many hours of stress!

Dr. A – Dentist, owner of dental clinics

Crangle obtained an incredible settlement for me, and it happened much faster than I expected. I highly recommend him.

Graeme, business owner

Crangle fought hard and got me a great settlement. I am so thankful forall the work he did for me

Jeff H

About Aaron Crangle

Mr. Aaron Crangle has been a member of the Ontario Bar since 2000. He has been practising in all areas of corporate law and litigation. Extensive experience in employment law, civil litigation, personal injury, contract, collections, human rights, regulatory, tribunals, transportation law, labour, etc.

Successfully argued in the Court of Appeal and all levels of Superior Court. Repeat panelist at the Ontario Bar Association.

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