How much does a lawsuit cost?

Unfortunately, that is extremely difficult to answer. I know you hate that answer, but bear with me. The cost of a lawsuit depends on how much the other side fights. Some cases settle quickly, and a very small percentage of cases (only 5%) go all the way to trial. It can take at least two years or more for a case to go from beginning to the end. The legal fees are incurred as we go along, they are not usually all incurred upfront. Crangle may ask for an initial retainer. As that retainer gets depleted due to work performed, another retainer may be asked for, and so on. By far the most expensive part of the case is the trial. Since only 5% of cases go to trial, you should not really be concerning yourself about that initially. Crangle will advise you of the costs every step of the way so that there are no surprises, and he will do everything in his power to keep costs down to provide value.